Aaron & Winthrop Hand Therapy Services, Inc, are Certified Hand Therapists (CHTs) with specialized skills in assessment and treatment to help restore function and improve quality of life for individuals with hand/arm conditions or injury. They also manage clinics, provide mentorship and ergonomic consultation.  


Dorit Aaron and Barbara Winthrop work with hand clinics, companies and individual therapists or physicians to provide their patients a continuum of care, their staff training in hand therapy and workers the best ergonomic work solutions.

Hand Therapy Services


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We work with your organization in preventing injuries and detecting potential work related overuse injuries by incorporating sound ergonomics principles in design of individual workstations. We also consult on training your work force in good habits consisting of good body mechanics and work time stretching exercise and preventive measures.



Barbara and Dorit volunteer their time locally and internationally working in teams to educate therapist and doctors as well as treat, while training local staff, disadvantaged  hand patients of all ages, with a special emphasis on children with congenital differences, burns and neonatal brachial plexus palsy’s.