1. Education of occupational and physical therapists in hand therapy

Training of therapists in evaluation and treatment of the hand patient

  • Case conferences in your facility where on site therapists present their patient and a discussion of their care is facilitated.

  • Provide formal lectures to therapists on selected topics in hand therapy (length of time is variable depending on the topic and time allotted).

  • Provide suggested resource materials to augment the learning process on specific topics.

  • Tailor the educational program to your therapists and their needs either face to face or virtually. 


2. Direct Patient Care Consultation 

   Assistance in treating complicated patients.

  • Aaron & Winthrop  will send a CHT to your facility to work alongside your therapist to provide guidance for treating specific patients.

  • The consultation can be in the form of direct patient care (i.e., evaluation, orthotic design and/or fabrication, exercise technique demonstration, etc) while simultaneously education and training will be provided to the onsite therapist.

  • The consultation can be in advising the onsite therapist as to appropriate treatment for the specific patient.

  • Consultation can be done virtually.





3. Ergonomic Consultation

  Site visits

  • Rapid response programs

  • Prevention Programs

  • Ergonomic recommendations

  • On site evaluations

  • One to one or group training and workstation design


4. Other Consulting Services

  • Telephone consultation on specific patient

  • Education in clinic with therapist

  • Assist in the development and implementation of hand therapy services

  • Set up educational guidelines and competencies for clinical staff

  • Expert Testimony 

  • Special Projects


Consultation is available in:

Price will be determined on a case by case basis. 

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Aaron and Winthrop are located in the Houston, Texas area, however, they are avaliable for consultation nation wide and internationally.